Elements of Life
Institute and Wellness Center™


Providing the most natural ways to heal.  Utilizing principles of modern and ancient practices, nutrition, supplements, hypnotherapy, qigong therapy and personal qigong exercise tailored to your needs.

In this Center we are here to assist you in easing symptoms and getting to the root of ailments.
You'll also learn and obtain what you need to heal and eventually become your own physician. All forms of healing have a place but we utilize the most natural practices possible and refer out to other physicians as needed.

Planning various events and opportunities that can enhance you in all possible aspects.  From courses and classes, to excursions and projects, we look to create opportunities to increase
your knowledge, healing and growth. 

Events range from healing retreats and Chinese Energetic Medicine Training to Travel and Live courses and lectures.

Elements of Life Institute is an educational structure that provides learning opportunities in person and via internet, regardless of your physical location. Ancient Studies, personal Qigong as well as the opportunity to continue to Qigong Therapy Practitioner and self improvement courses are all available through our institute. We seek to empower you with the ability to expand beyond your limitations.

Come join us and let's learn together...

You are the Key to unlock your greatest potential!

Our clinic offers:

Providing Therapeutic Care for:  

Internal Disease, Complex Conditions, Autoimmune Disorders, Arthritis, Structural Disorders,  Migraines, Cancer Care, Neuropathy, Immune System Boosting,  Chronic Fatigue,  Anxiety, Depression,  Sleep Disturbances,  Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer, Dementia, Substance Abuse, Pain and more.....

Your overall well being is our main goal.