Dr. David Stokes Hone



Certified and Licensed Ecclesiastic Health Provider



Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Current Continuing Training

Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson - Transform and Chinese Energetic Medicine

Sifu William Welch - Daoist Mysticism

Sifu Diego Sanmiquel - Senior Instructor under Dr. Johnson

Dr. Chris Holder- DMQ

Lama Lar - Larry C. Short - Wowist Training

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake - Bagua Training 

Dann Hone - Ancient Studies and Culture

David Eugene Pontius - Naturopathic and Holistic Training

Past Training

Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson - Chinese Energetic Medicine 2019 to Present

Sifu William Welch - 2 Years Daoist Mysticism Studies

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake - 2.5yrs Daoist Mysticisms Studies 

Dr. Bernard Shannon -  Practitioner 2 DMQ Series

Dr. Tony D'Angelo - 2yrs 2015-2017

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 

Body Talk Practitioner  - Loesje Jacobs