Healing Retreats

Contact us to find out about our healing retreats where we take you out of your environment to places of healing and retreat from every day life. Then we:

  • Provide analysis of your health utilizing modern and ancient practices,

  • Provide sessions to help you with your healing,

  • Help you find a health plan for your individual needs

  • Provide education to help you take control of your health.

Special Events Being Listed Online Soon for 2022

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Foundations of Health

From Soil to Super-Food

Dr. D. E. Pontius

Introduction to Energetics and Perceptual Awareness

Training Thought, Sound and Light Projection

Natural Health and Healing

Self Cultivation for Energetic and Sensitive Healers

Navigation Skills class for Empaths

Energy Classes for Professionals

Contact us at for dates and times or get on a list of one of the opportunities or courses above.